Supervising Psychologist

Employment Type

: Full-Time


: Healthcare - Nursing

Job Description: Management of inpatient and outpatient psychology departments inclusive of all the oversight and development of services and all personnel there within.



1. Oversee inpatient and outpatient psychological services including licensed and license-eligible psychologists, psychology trainees, and psychology interns, including the provision of clinical supervision, clinical consultation, and QA review, to broaden staff skillsets, as well as evaluative components related to performance management and personnel selection. E nsure new psychologists are appropriately credentialed and privileged in accordance with bylaws and regulatory standards. Provide management for daily operations of the psychology department.

2. Implement a psychology traineeship and internship program (CAPIC, APPIC, and/or APA accredited), including development of the program description of rotations and experiences for psychology students, as well as devising didactic and supervision opportunities to ensure breadth and depth of training. Be the lead on the coordination of student placement with local Universities including application as a field-site. Responsible for the oversight and management of such program upon implementation

3. Implement an outpatient psychological division that renders psychological assessments for both child and adult patients, as deemed appropriate to provide necessary diagnostic clarification or insight regarding cognitive, behavioral, personality, or other aspects for treatment planning purposes. Development of related programs and effective strategies that demonstrate positive outcomes for various populations, including those that have been historically underserved or inappropriately served as a result of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, and other factors as served by this organization. Responsible for the oversight and management of such program upon implementation

4. Provide clinical trainings in conjunction with Workforce Development department and Medical team.

5. Manage concerns relating to coverage, productivity, customer service skills, and workload expectations

6. Develop policies and procedures to ensure quality services for clients and accountability for staff and ensure such protocols are in accordance with Quality Management team.

7. Provide ongoing assessment and evaluation of the clinical program to ensure that client needs, agency standards and funding requirements are met

8. Participate on the agency’s management team

9. Conduct regular clinical team meetings with psychology team members to provide updates related to administrative issues.

10. Coordinate meetings with other mental health provider programs

11. Meet with the direct supervisor for regular supervision

12. Assist with community presentations, as applicable

13. Conduct evaluative research relevant to the functions of the behavioral health programs for inpatient and/ outpatient services.

14. May provide testimony before courts of law regarding results of psychological evaluations, as appropriate.

15. Represent psychological services in audits/surveys from external entities inclusive of local, state, and federal agencies.

16. Attend Medical Executive and Medical Staff Committee Meetings and provide reports regarding department developments.

17. Provide didactic assistance to students from related disciplines (medical), as needed.

18. May be required to carry a small caseload of patients for therapeutic work in inpatient and/or outpatient divisions providing psychotherapy, assessment, testing, or lead therapeutic groups.

Job Requirements:
  • Provide psychological assessments and treatment
  • Provide appropriate psychological therapy for patient
  • Conduct psychological evaluations, mental health treatment, clinical supervision and consultation
  • Provide psychological testing and diagnostic assessments
  • Referred for a psychological evaluation
  • Assess psychological programs, services
  • Provide supervision to psychological associates
  • Facilitating family therapy and individual therapy
  • Administer all necessary psychological testing
  • Act as a psychological profiler
  • Providing Individual counseling/psychotherapy, group psychotherapy-psychoeducation-skills training, psychological assessment, behavioral management consultation
  • Assess psychological state and use psychodiagnostic evaluations and psychotherapy
  • Provide local and remote psychological services
  • Provide psychological services via tele health
  • Support the provision of psychological services
  • Conduct psychological evaluations including intellectual and personality assessment and neuropsychological screenings
  • Treat psychological disorders to effect improved adjustments
  • Offering a full range of psychological services
  • Provide psychological services to students that include (but are not limited to) individual therapy, group therapy, emergency/crisis intervention, psychological assessment, treatment planning
  • Conduct intake assessments, conduct psychological assessments and provide crisis management

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